Sacramento Major Adaptation and Restructuring of Sewer Infrastructures

Sacramento’s Wastewater Treatment Plant has implemented more adept ways to accommodate for the ever-growing population, which concurrently requires growth to the infrastructures. Nearly a dozen sewage treatment plants currently dump wastewater into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Necessary changes are taking place to adhere to better quality management for water issues that affect community’s across the city.  Included in this overhaul will be a modernization to the city’s wastewater plant. At the current plant, wastewater from 1.4 million households in the Sacramento region rotate around in 24 large tanks.  The plant, with its tanks, concrete towers, underground passageways, and miles of

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Sacramento Spares No Expense in Sewer Overhaul

Sacramento is expecting to increase their water and sewer rates this year. The rate increases would take place July 1 of this year and would raise the average residential customer’s bill from $68.15 a month, which calculates to approximately $98.60 by 2019. The higher rates would finance $265.5 million in water projects and $53.5 million in sewer projects by 2020. The city plans to install 42,600 water meters and replace 76 miles of related pipes, and rehab four miles of sewer pipes and 10 pump stations.  The biggest expense will be $230 million to finish installing water meters in 2020.

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Sacramento’s Creeks Protection Project

The Sacramento Area Sewer District is a sewer collection utility providing service to more than one million people in the Sacramento region. The current service area includes homes and businesses in unincorporated Sacramento County; the cities of Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, and Elk Grove; and portions of the cities of Folsom and Sacramento. With more than 4,000 miles of sewer pipes and 100 pump stations.  Currently in progress is a Creeks Protection Project which will be a multi-phase effort. Phase I, completed recently, included four sites within the City of Citrus Heights and one within the unincorporated area of Sacramento

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