Sacramento’s Hydrology, Landscaping, and Lateral Loans

Sacramento is full of cultural treasures, museums and parks. It has also experienced significant, sometimes devastating, flooding. With the city being particularly susceptible to sewer damages, overflows and landscaping challenges, a program to assist homeowners is expected to be a cost-effective program for neighborhoods within the city. The Sacramento Area Sewer District’s Upper Lateral Loan Program has saved homeowner’s hundreds of dollars with low-interest loans of up to $15,000. The loan is intended for the repair or replacement of upper laterals, as this can be an expensive process. The loans must be paid back within 5 years and will have

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Sacramento’s Creeks Protection Project

The Sacramento Area Sewer District is a sewer collection utility providing service to more than one million people in the Sacramento region. The current service area includes homes and businesses in unincorporated Sacramento County; the cities of Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, and Elk Grove; and portions of the cities of Folsom and Sacramento. With more than 4,000 miles of sewer pipes and 100 pump stations.  Currently in progress is a Creeks Protection Project which will be a multi-phase effort. Phase I, completed recently, included four sites within the City of Citrus Heights and one within the unincorporated area of Sacramento

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Sacramento Sewer Building Codes for Flat Spots

Sacramento building codes require that all drainage systems have a minimum grade of ¼ inch per foot. This means that for every foot the drainage pipe travels, it drops in grade ¼ inch. A flat spot is a section of drain line that has no grade, up or down. A ‘belly’ in the line means that the line dips down and then back up before it resumes the proper grade downhill. The belly will hold water in the line at all times. Both situations can cause line stoppages. In a newer home, both are caused by improper piping installations. There

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Rainy Season and Sewer Drainage Systems

Many of us are experiencing a rainy season now that summer is in full swing.  Along with the sunny delights and fanfare this time of year brings, there is also a need to think about the proper functioning of our drainage systems where we live.  It is important to know to what extent a drainage issue is prevalent.  In order to do this, a qualified fully licensed professional is needed for drain pipe cleaning. This will also maximize your awareness of the health of the pipelines in your home.  Here are a few suggestions when seeking the help of an

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