Sacramento’s Discerning Measures to Reduce Water Waste

As water costs rise and municipalities mandate usage, the multifamily industry is undergoing a natural transformation to become more efficient through new technology, improved operations and better maintenance techniques. Communities across Sacramento are seeking unconventional ways to become more cost savvy as resources become more expensive and limited. The drought has ensued a substantial amount of requirements and proactive recommendations for water use. The Natomas Park community in Sacramento has been conscientious regarding conversation by replacing 13,000 square feet of grassy turf, upgrading 200 sprinklers and nozzles, and installing solar-sync weather stations tied to the sprinklers.  Some of California’s municipalities are even

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Sacramento’s Turf Conversion Project for Residents

The city of Sacramento has a rebate program for residents which will begin again in 2016.  The Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA) is providing rebates to qualifying residents and commercial properties for converting existing turf with approved drought resistant, low to medium water use plants and/or native plants. SCWA residential customers may receive a rebate of $.50/square foot up to a maximum of $1,000 per household. Commercial customers may receive a rebate of $1.50/square foot up to a maximum of $2,500 per property. SCWA will come out to the site and perform the following tasks: Measure the square footage of

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