Sacramento’s Study for Grease Control in Sewers

The Sacramento Sewer District recently conducted a survey which was initiated to assist with findings pertaining to the effect grease and oils have on the sewer system. The Study was called the Grease Impact Assessment Project.  The physical condition of the collection system has a significant impact on the amount of grease that accumulates in the sewer.  Obstructions, such as roots, allow the wastewater to slow down, letting the oil accumulate on the pipe wall. The sewer design standards are functional for normal flow volumes, but have low velocities in low flow conditions that contribute to grease accumulation on the sewer walls.  Public education and outreach programs are essential in obtaining support from the community for a source control program.  Trap/interceptors when actively maintained provide an effective means of grease source control.  Implementation of an active grease source control program will reduce the number of grease caused stoppages, sanitary sewer overflows, and annual flooded claims cost. It will also benefit those involved in maintenance and repairs to the system.

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