Sacramento State’s Old College Try to Reduce Stormwater

There are interesting and diverse activities taking place in the city of Sacramento! Along with many popular and cultural exhibits to enjoy city-wide, Sacramento also happens to be home to one of the most acclaimed Universities in California, namely, Sacramento State @California State University. Not only does the campus have an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, an assortment of beautiful trees and buildings complete with impressive architectural design, the school’s efforts on behalf of sustainability are also to be commended. Many well-planned initiatives in alignment with sustainable causes have been at the heart of what sets this school apart. The campus has received noteworthy achievements in sewer and stormwater restoration. The focus was to reduce the runoff which borders the west bank of the American River and travels approximately seven miles downstream before it merges with the Sacramento River. The campus challenge was to counteract the effect that these incidences have had on the environment by installing more than twenty low-impact development devices in several different locations on campus. This effort has greatly reduced the sediment and contaminants flowing into the river.

Low-impact development or LID refers to a subcategory of green infrastructure small enough to implement locally. On the Sacramento State campus, installations include bio-retention planters, rain gardens, porous pavements, and other productive implementations. The devices reprocess potentially harmful runoff to nurture plants on campus and help refill the university’s groundwater supplies, as needed. Students and visitors can stay informed of cleverly placed signs located at each of the installations. Each station contains applicable information on how the devices work to capture storm water.

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