El Dorado Hills, Flumes and Canals

The El Dorado South Fork American River consists of 22 miles of canals, flumes, and tunnels ending in the El Dorado Forebay reservoir.  From there, up to 15,080 acre-feet of water is sent to a water treatment plant and the remainder is sent to the El Dorado Powerhouse to generate state-certified green electricity and then returned to the river. Flumes are a vital component of this complex water conveyance system.  The canal and its flumes run through steep and often hard-to reach terrain in areas prone to landslide and fire, as well as tree and rock fall. The canals and flumes in El Dorado are important for the integrated water system. Flume replacement significantly reduces the risk of catastrophic failure, which is especially important during times of drought. Each year, the condition of the wooden flumes along the El Dorado Canal is assessed.  Additional flume sections are identified for replacement in the five-year capital improvement plan. The El Dorado Canal system is the primary means of supply to the northern portion of the El Dorado Irrigation District service area and also contributes significantly to supplying the rest of the service area by gravity.

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