A Sewer Connection for Lincoln and Auburn

The Sewer Main in Auburn is under renovation.  The original plans to do away with this collection site are underway, just a bit later than expected.  The plan is to install a new pump carrying wastewater through a pipeline into the nearby City of Lincoln. Currently, the City is hard at work removing bedrock to pave way for this pipeline connection for Lincoln and Auburn.  Area residents can expect completion of the project by the end of August.  Since June, there have been various cost deviations from the planned budget, with adjustments to the final cost which now totals $77.8 million. The allocation includes plant upgrades, the new pump facility, as well as excavation costs.  In the meanwhile, the intersection at Joeger and Bell roads has been a busy area with construction crews preparing the site.  Slight delays in progress were also encountered due to weather and more quantity of rock than expected.

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